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Nashik is a city in the state of Maharashtra in western India. It is one of the ancient holy city and a pilgrimage centre of India. Kumbhmela is held in Nashik once in 12 years along with 4 other cities. May to Nov is a pleasant time to visit in Nashik due to the climate as the summers tend to get really hot. Nasik caves, kalaram temple, Muktidam, and Ramsej are some of the places you can visit in Nasik.

There are multiple banks in Nashik that offer personal loans. But in case of emergencies, it is not very convenient to get an easy loan from banks. One can apply for quick loan via a personal loan app. These online apps are accessible 24/7. You can apply for a loan from your home, office or technically from anywhere. All you need is a working internet connection.

The process of the short term loan is quick and the application is minimal. The quick application procedure has made an easy loan so popular among the young professionals. One doesn’t have to be dependent on their friends or family for emergency cash requirement. The process is completely private and you don’t have to involve any third party. A short term loan is an unsecured loan which means you don’t have to showcase any asset ownership.

Documents required:

The documents required to apply for quick loan are quite simple. You will have to submit your identity, address and your income proof documents. The valid documents include your pan card, passport, aadhar card, salary slips, bank statements, and your latest photograph.

Eligibility for personal loan:

You can apply for quick loan if you are between 23 years to 58 years old. You have to be a resident of India to apply for a short term loan. You have to be a salaried employee of a registered company.

Repayment of the loan:

Once the due date arrives the app will send you alerts so that you don’t miss the date. When you apply for quick loan you have to upload your bank details on the app itself, so you can repay the amount via bank transfer. The process of easy loan repayment is hassle free just like the application procedure.

Benefits of short term loan:

These loans typically last between 1 to 6 months. The loan amount can vary from Rs. 9,000 up to 3 lakhs. The process is faster compared to the loans offered by banks. An easy loan can get approved on the same day of application. You can apply for quick loan sitting at your home or at your office.

Modes of disbursal:

Once your loan is approved by the app, the amount is then disbursed in your personal savings account within a few minutes.

Fees and charges:

The interest rate on your short term loan will depend on your loan amount and the duration of your loan. Usually, the rates are low compared to the traditional loans.

How CASHe Works?


Available on iOS & ANDROID


Using your FB, LinkedIn or Google+ accounts


Fill the application form & upload 4 basic documents


Loans ranging from Rs. 9,000/- to Rs. 3 Lakhs basis your approved eligibilty


Cash transferred into your bank a/c within minutes


Easy repayment via bank transfer raise your Social Loan Quotient

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